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Dear Dr. Nelson,


I don’t know if you remember me I saw you in your clinic whilst visiting America in June this year. I am writing to thank you for your care whilst I was in your country. You have made a huge impact on the quality of my back and keeping the Sciatica away.Once again, Thanks for your help and getting me going in the right direction for treatment that will improve my problem.

Kind regards,


Dear Dr. Nelson,


I am writing you,and want others to also know, about the exceptional results I have gotten from you in the treatment of my very painful Lumbar Spondylolisthesis and spinal stenosis.I originally came to see you with my MRI’s in November 2007 after trying a different Chiropractor with absolutely no improvement. I also tried physical therapy from November through April with only slight improvement in the pain. I was then recommended to you by my daughter-in-law’s Chiropractor who said “Dr. Nelson has special training using the manual Cox Disc Traction table and other techniques and was known for his outstanding results in patients with my condition and others that result from spinal dislocation and nerve compression”.I started treatment in June and within a few weeks had remarkable improvement. I later reduced to twice a week, and am essentially pain free. The results have been just miraculous! You have been truly a life saver for me.



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